4. 2. 2019 -
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Komerční banka and Česká informační agentura expand cooperation

Komerční banka (KB) newly offers, in cooperation with Česká informační agentura (ČIANEWS), its clients from the Small Business segment advantageous access to ČIANEWS’ economic news service. From February 2019, clients will be able to access customised news items on tenders, investment projects and business opportunities from their sector and/or region.

Clients may receive the latest news via e-mail and/or via the online application downloaded into their smartphones. All KB clients may activate the free trial access immediately on KB’s website or in the Internet banking service. All users may customise the app settings to receive news and/or sectoral digests according their requirements, objectives and/or business location.

“Our clients have this unique opportunity thanks to the newly established cooperation between Komerční banka and Česká informační agentura. We believe that the ČIANEWS service will help our clients find new business and trade opportunities. We are ready to offer financing and other financial services that they will need for bringing these new transactions to fruition,“ says Jan Kubálek, responsible for the development of customer services.

“ČIANEWS’ news items will offer KB’s clients specific tips for new contracts, tenders, investment plans and projects, personnel changes, zoning and building proceedings, custom-selected according to their sector, region or city, thus raising the clients’ chances in the current highly competitive environment,” ČIANEWS’ executive director Radim Duchek comments on the cooperation. He adds: “We appreciate the fact that Komerční banka continues to provide real support to its Small Business clients, for whom access to market information had been significantly more complicated and expensive in the past”.

KOMERČNÍ BANKA is the only Czech publicly traded bank, providing complex retail, corporate and investment banking services. KB group serves 2.4 million clients, who may use the extensive network of 382 business points around the Czech Republic. KB operates 760 ATMs. One of the direct banking channels is used by 1.43 million clients. KB is a member of Société Générale group.

ČESKÁ INFORMAČNÍ AGENTURA (ČIANEWS) has gained in more than 20 years of its presence on the Czech market the confidence of readers from top managements of large and medium enterprises. ČIANEWS’ news service is used on long-term basis by large banks, incl. Komerční banka, as well as major companies from the energy automotive, development, retail, engineering, logistics or healthcare sectors, as well as hundreds of smaller companies from all industry sectors. The news service is used daily for decision-making by thousands of company managers and owners.

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