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The Czech Information Agency is publishing the newsletter SUSTAINABLE ECONOMY, which offers its readers essential and interesting information about this dynamically developing segment.

You will get all the necessary up-to-date information from the world of clean energy and recycling, water management and drought issues in agriculture, forestry and the city, but also from the rank of increasingly popular green drivers and fuels or ecological production (not only) in retail. We also focus on the often controversial segment of shared services, the circular economy or projects leading to the greening of production. Readers will not miss news about new investments, announced tenders or business opportunities. You will find out about upcoming grant programs, changes in legislation in the Czech Republic and the EU, or the most promising achievements in the field of science, research and innovation.

Every week, we concentrate all this for our readers in a set of approximately 50 short factual news. Subsequently users have the possibility of clicking on the complete background materials allowing a deeper understanding of the selected topic or project, as well as the original source of information. Through our application, you can quickly search other news focused on the desired area, participating companies and institutions, or interested representatives of business and the public sphere. The overview is designed primarily for the management of companies or the self-employed, across all branches of the economy.

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